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26 May 2012 @ 08:58 pm
it is my right to change my mind for no apparent reason at all  
So basically, forget everything I said yesterday. Okay, maybe not everything. Most everything. Half of everything?

This is what I wrote yesterday:
As I said, I wrote up to mid-way through Chapter 3 in "Taking Sides". However late last night I came to the realization that I hate everything that I've written so far. It was boring and too slowly paced. And just like that, 25 pages went down the drain.

Here's what I've decided:
-Despite the fact that I've always written in third person, this novel is meant to be written in first person.
-I need to flesh out more details on the other major characters - not just the main one.
-I would like to make the novel 500 pages or so.

So, in summation, I did not throw 25 pages out the window. I thought about the pacing and realized it was okay for how long I was intending the book to be. As for the boring part, I merely revised some of my language and added a bit of stuff in. Also, I tried writing in first person and I have come to the conclusion that while there is a time in every writer's life for experimentation with their style, whilst in the midst of writing a novel with the intention of publishing it is not one of those times... aka, I tried to write first person and failed epically so I went back to third. *shrugs* I'd like to go back and work on first person sometime, but not until after I finish this or I'll get confused.

As for what I accomplished today:
-a scene for a future chapter (probably chapter 5)
-a mental and emotional breakdown
-a bonding moment between mother and daughter
-set up an alibi for someone that they'll need in the next chapter
-wrote a total of about 5 pages, which is generally my daily average
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